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Captain Eric Littman

Serves as a Captain the Las Vegas Fire Department.
He is an inspirational leader, father and husband, who risks his life every day for his community!


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Captain Eric Littman always dreamed of being a fireman when he grew up, and now he is a Captain in the Las Vegas Fire Department! Growing up in Boston, he started his career as a Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), but soon realized he needed more training to become a firefighter. Eric went back to school and after 5 years, he started to climb the ‘ladder’.  His ladder of success led him to an opening in the Las Vegas department, and now he manages his department, and trains hundreds of other fire fighters as a Captain in his unit. Eric has been quoted as saying, ‘The most important thing in my professional life, every day, is to bring my guys home safely – every day!”  We are proud to have Eric in our community!